One-to-one German classes & Mini-group German Courses in Germany

Master One-to-One Individual tuition in German for Professionals & Companies.
German One-to-One classes in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt & Mainz  In-House or Online.
German courses in Germany, Learn german in 4 months. Business German courses


At Evolanguage we recognize that business and professional clients often have very specific requirements both in terms of their timetable and the content and aims of a program. To meet these requirements, Evolanguage offers many tailored options whereby we design a language course specifically for the client’s needs.

Our MASTER ONE-TO-ONE German courses are ideal for participants who wish to learn General German or German for specific purposes in a short time. Not only does one-to-one tuition result in greatly accelerated learning, but timetables are much more flexible and can be designed around the student’s other commitments. As all one-to-one courses at Evolanguage are tailor-made, the student is assured of course contents and materials which are designed to his or her exact requirements.
In our German language schools our MASTER ONE-TO-ONE lessons can also be taken in addition to group lessons, therefore allowing students to enjoy the atmosphere of an individual class, and also work on individual problem areas with their trainer.
Our qualified german language teachers are chosen for their experience in or background knowledge of the subject areas. The Evolanguage individual one-to-one tuitions are designed to provide maximum exposure to the German language during the client’s stay.
  • German as a foreign language – General German.
  • International Business German – training for executives.
  • Banking and accounting.
  • German in the office and German on the phone.
  • German for office staff & secretaries.
  • German for gastronomy.
  • German for Aviation.
  • Military German.
  • German for banking and finance.
  • Medical German.
  • German for Travel & Tourism.
  • German for Media & Culture.
  • German for flight attendants, stewards and ground staff.
  • German for travel agencies and hotel employees.
  • German for construction, mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • German classes for natural sciences.
  • German for computer science.
  • German courses for physicians.
  • Legal German for lawyers.
  • Preparatory courses for German language exams (telc, testDaF, DSH…).
  • Application Training.
  • German one-to-one classes for business and professional clients.
One-to-one German classes & Mini-group German Courses 1 One-to-one German classes,Mini-group German Courses,Individual tuition in German,MASTER ONE-TO-ONE German Courses

Generally, this Language Training will:

  • Increase your confidence when communicating in German.
  • Help you to use German more effectively.
  • Help you to speak more accurately and fluently.
  • Improve your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.

The MASTER ONE-TO-ONE GERMAN CLASSES also allow you to develop your business skills, such as:

  • Delivering presentations in German.
  • Negotiating in German.
  • Taking part in German meetings.
  • Writing in German (reports, letters, emails).
  • Telephoning in German.
One-to-one German classes & Mini-group German Courses 3 One-to-one German classes,Mini-group German Courses,Individual tuition in German,MASTER ONE-TO-ONE German Courses

MASTER ONE-TO-ONE German Courses information:

  • Level: all levels CEFR
  • Timetable: according to your schedule
  • Length: 90 min +
    (note: one unit = 45 minutes)
  • Training fee: 1 unit – 39€

Please do contact us with any questions you may have about our one-to-one classes or if you wish an offer for a special topic.

We offer one-to-one MASTER training also in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Russian for the following areas – in all cities of Germany in-house or online:

  • Banking and accounting
  • Office & language training on the phone
  • Language courses for secretaries
  • Science, Medicine, Surgery and Nursing
  • Catering / hotel
  • Language courses for flight attendants and crew
  • Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Travel agency and hotel
  • Environment and Science
  • Computer and Computer Science
  • Language courses for physicians: doctors and nurses
  • Language courses for lawyers
  • Preparation for language exams
  • Application training
  • Online training
  • Language training in the media industry

The intensive German courses are available all year in all levels of the Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER).

One-to-one German classes & Mini-group German Courses 5 One-to-one German classes,Mini-group German Courses,Individual tuition in German,MASTER ONE-TO-ONE German Courses


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