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Business German courses in Germany

Learn Business German with EVOLANGUAGE Schools in Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt – or In-house & Online countrywide! We guarantee you the attainment of your language objective in a clearly defined period of time.

Your invested time will be used optimally!

We provide high-quality German classes for your communication in international surroundings. During one week you will achieve, which a traditional method needs more than a year.

 After determining your individual goals, we will assess your language level through a placement test conducted online, by fax or in person at our premises. Your language objective is our goal. We’ll develop a personalized solution for you with our Business German courses!
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EvoLanguage Business German courses offer:

  • Corporate German Training.
  • Intercultural Training.
  • German for Human Resources.
  • German for specific purposes.
  • Business German Online.
  • Business German In-house training.

Business German courses components:

  • Course material and content are customized to meet your needs and facilitate our learning process.
  • Flexible training times.
  • Rapid progress in acquiring proficiency in German.
  • Training possible in one of our schools, online or In-house.

Business German courses contents:

  • General German: communication, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension.
  • Business German conversation in a variety of situations.
  • Business German vocabulary, useful terms and expressions.
  • Business meetings and the language of negotiations.
  • Telephoning and teleconferencing.
  • Business German writing exercises.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Job interview skills.
  • Small talk in Job.

You will also look at communication strategies such as:

  • Making proposals, offers and suggestions.
  • Agreeing and disagreeing.
  • Asking appropriate questions.
  • Clarifying, confirming and summarising.
  • Draft emails and reports to improve your written communication.
  • Research, create and deliver presentations.
  • Challenging and defending an opinion.
  • Persuading and compromising.
  • Social German and networking.
  • Learn how to lead and participate in meetings.
  • Read and extract key points from written texts such as emails, reports and proposals.
  • Study independently with Business German resources.
  • Listen to authentic materials such as business news items on TV or radio to develop your comprehension skills.
  • Discuss topical business themes with other professionals.
  • Build language and vocabulary specific to your industry and role.
Business German courses 3 Business German courses
Attend our Business German classes in Germany – in one of our Schools in Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Aachen or Frankfurt – online or in-house. We guarantee you a fast learning success!
In our Business German courses situations such as meetings and presentations are simulated through role-plays. Our German teachers are chosen especially for their flexible approach, their ability to mold the language course to fit your aims, and the skills to make sure those aims are achieved. Tests and recognized language certificates will document your learning progress.

Do you prefer a one-to-one Business German, in-house training or mini-group training? We offer you a wide choice of language courses!

The intensive German courses are available all year in all levels of the Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER).

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